All About Us

We preserve and promote Georgetown's heritage through preservation advocacy, education, and community engagement.

Our History

America’s Bicentennial celebrations in 1976 sparked a nationwide preservation boom.  In Georgetown, a group of citizens who had worked diligently on Georgetown’s Bicentennial celebration also had a heightened awareness of historic resources at the local level.  It was the vision of this group that led to the formation of the Georgetown Heritage Society.

As its name suggests, the organization’s mission is to preserve and promote interest in Georgetown’s heritage—its historic buildings and sites and the people associated with them, as well as the documents, pictures and other records relating to them.  Among PG’s lasting achievements that all Georgetown citizens still enjoy today are organizing the first Christmas Stroll, reviving the old traditional May Fair (now the Red Poppy Festival), starting the Georgetown History and Visitor Information Center (now run by the City) and collecting a substantial repository of historic photographs and documents (now in the custody of the Georgetown Public Library).  Today Preservation Georgetown works to fulfill our mission in a variety of ways.  The most visible is the annual Home Tour, featuring several historic homes that are open to the public.  Proceeds from the tour are used to support other PG initiatives including informative programs and educational publications. Most recently (2013), the Olive Street National Register Historic District was established in Georgetown; a project initiated, managed and funded by PG. The charge of the organization continues to expand to meet responsibly the growth and needs of the community – ever mindful of preserving the past for future generations.

PG enjoys a cooperative relationship with the City of Georgetown, other organizations and the community; sharing resources, programming and facilities to promote historic preservation and heritage tourism.

We encourage all to join PG and share the camaraderie of membership through like-minded interests, regular programming and special events!

Our Board of Directors

We LOVE our board members because...they bring time, talent, energy, and passion to Preservation Georgetown. We could not do our preservation work without them. Every year we have members rolling off the board and welcome new board members.

The PG board is a considered a working board because...between monthly meetings, board members work in individual areas (i.e. membership or fundraising) to further PG efforts in our community. They come together to work on projects, sometimes with committees and, of course, they do enjoy educational events as well as fun times with membership and the community.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Austin Painchaud, President:
Austin has served on the PG board since 2019. His professional career is focused on higher education and non-profits, and he currently works as the Development Director for Spirit Reins in Liberty Hill. Austin and his wife Laura live on Elm Street in Old Town with their two cats and love to walk the neighborhood, admiring Georgetown’s historic structures!
Madison Parrott, Vice President and Membership Chair:
Madison is a project manager for an Interior design firm in Austin. Years ago, when she and her husband lived in the Houston area, they would take weekend trips up to Georgetown and dreamed about living here. Finally, in 2018 on somewhat of a whim, they decided to go for it! The deal was sealed for them when they found a beautiful little house in Old Town on Pine Street with Southwestern University visible from the backyard. Have membership questions for Madison?
Linda Thomas, Treasurer:
Linda and her husband chose to retire in Georgetown after 35 years in the Clear Lake area of Houston, where she worked at the Johnson Space Center. They bought a house near the library in 2015, completely remodeled it, and started living here full-time in late 2018. It continues as a work in progress. In addition to supporting Preservation Georgetown, Linda enjoys singing in her church choir, quilting, and walking to the town square to drink a glass of wine.
Christina Woodall, Secretary:
Christina has lived in Georgetown since 2017 and can often be seen biking around downtown Georgetown with her husband and twin daughters in tow. She is part-owner of 309 Coffee and loves the small town community vibe of Georgetown.
Liz Weaver, Director and Historian:
Liz got her start in historic research when she was thirteen, assisting her parents who were avid genealogists. She will tell you that every house has a story and the search for that story is what drives her research. Natives of Louisiana, Liz and her husband Ron have called Georgetown home since 2001. In 2014, they became residents of Old Town, after renovating an historic home on South Main Street.
Ryan Cooper, Director:
"The first time we set foot in Georgetown I knew it was different, it was special, it was home." said Ryan Cooper, a proud born and raised Texan and UT graduate. In 2013 Ryan combined his passions, advanced mathematics and endurance sports, into a company which he subsequently sold to a large fitness company. In 2019 his wife, Sara, completed her OB-GYN residency at Temple’s Baylor Scott and White. She now practices at Georgetown OB-GYN. As they put down roots, they are looking to provide a positive impact in the local community while setting an example of civic responsibility for their three boys.
Ben Oliver, Director and Resource Room Committee Chair:
Ben and his family originally came to Georgetown in 1977. They built their house in Old Town, just two blocks from Southwestern University where he served as Academic Dean and Provost for twelve years. He later went on to serve as President of Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio. Upon retiring in 2000 he returned to his Old Town home and ended up serving on City Council from 2004 to 2010 as well as serving on the boards of Georgetown’s Economic Development and Transportation Enhancement Corporations.
Troy Hellmann, Director:
Troy is a former City Council Member and has been on many Boards and Commissions for the City of Georgetown. He is Co-owner of Century 21 Hellmann Stribling. He also owns several buildings in historic downtown, including the Dimmitt Building on the square, built in 1901.
Jerry McCulley, Director and Preservation Fund Grant Committee Chair:
Jerry and his wife Billie became Georgetown residents in 2016 following a 26-year Air Force career and 22 years as realtors in Austin. They moved into their home on Church Street in Old Town, converting it from a commercial office back to a residence. The work continues. They have been active with Preservation Georgetown since 2017.
Kris Thompson, Office Manager
(not a board position, but an important part of the PG team!):
Kris and husband Lance moved from Houston to Georgetown and are in the process of restoring their historic home in Old Town. In her past Kris has been a business owner, graphic designer, and fraud investigator. Currently, when not working on PG projects, Kris is a playwright, having enjoyed productions across the US and beyond.
Interested in serving on the board?
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