Preservation Fund Grant Program

Keep Georgetown Historic


Preservation Georgetown (PG) established a fund dedicated to preservation of historic structures within the greater Georgetown area. The fund is administered by the PG Board to promote the importance of preserving historic structures, to operate a grant program to assist with the cost of preserving structures listed on the City of Georgetown's 2016 Historic Resource Survey (as amended), and to carry out other projects to preserve historic structures.


The Preservation Fund is managed by the PG Treasurer in accordance with PG by-laws. Preservation Fund monies are kept in a bank account separate from other PG funds and accounted for separately on the books. Accounting procedures have been established such that records show funds as being encumbered when commitments are made in order that new commitments will be approved only from unencumbered funds.

Funds are sought from multiple sources. Donations are solicited from PG members and members of the community specifically for the Preservation Fund. As resources permit, funds may be allocated from the general funds of PG through the annual budget or by special action of the PG Board as provided in the bylaws. PG may apply for grants from other entities.

Grant Program FAQs

When will the grants be available?

The fifth annual cycle of grants will be awarded in 2020. The official window for applying has temporarily been put on hold due to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus. However, dates and details will be available soon as we feel it is imperative we continue this important service within our historic community.

If you are interested in applying or learning more about the application process, please stay tuned to learn more about our Fund Applicant Workshop, which is being rescheduled, or email for additional information. 

Please note there are restrictions. For example, if a building permit and/or HARC approval is required for the project, these must be acquired before applying.  Projects which have been completed or even begun will not be eligible. Anyone considering applying for a grant should read the entire application form in order to understand the process.

How does one obtain a grant application form?

The application may be viewed on-line and printed from the link above or picked up during Thursday and Friday office hours at the Grace Heritage Center, 817 S. Main St., Georgetown. (NOTE: Office hours are temporarily unavailable as the City of Georgetown has not yet reopened Grace Heritage Center.)

What buildings are considered eligible for the Preservation Grant Program?

Historic structures (built before 1960) listed as such in the City of Georgetown 2016 Historic Resource Survey, as amended, are eligible. More information on the Historic Resource Survey is available on the City of Georgetown web-site.

What aspects of work will the grants cover?

Grants are intended to help keep historic structures structurally sound. Generally, think of the exterior envelope; the foundation, walls, windows, and roof.  For more details, see the application form.

What amounts are usually granted?

Grant applications must be supported by firm bids.  The size of grants will depend on a number of factors, including the amounts requested that are judged to meet PG guidelines, PG judgment of the significance and need of the structures for which grants are applied, and the amount of money we are able to raise and dedicate to the grant program.

Where can I learn about The Secretary of the Interior standards for historic properties?

You can find them here.

Preservation Fund Donations

The purpose of the Preservation Fund is to promote the importance of and encourage preservation of the stock of historic structures for the betterment of the entire community. Your gift to the Preservation Fund supports the Grant Program and future preservation activities approved by the PG Board of Directors, enabling current and future generations to protect our remarkable past.

All gifts are welcome. Donations to the Fund are 100% tax-deductible.

You can make your gift by clicking the donate button at right or by mailing your check to:

PO Box 1265, Georgetown, Texas  78627.

Thank you for your generous support of Preservation Georgetown's Preservation Fund!

Donation FAQs

What is the Preservation Fund?

Your gift to Preservation Fund supports the Grant Program and future preservation activities approved by the PG Board of Directors.

How does my gift help?

Your contribution promotes the importance of and encourages preservation of the stock of historic structures for the betterment of the entire community by directly funding restoration and construction projects on homes listed on the City of Georgetown’s Historic Resource Survey.

How is my Preservation Fund gift different from my membership?

Membership dues along with fundraising opportunities like the Home Tour support the general operating expenses of PG. Those include programs, events, maintenance costs for the upkeep of Grace Heritage Center, staff compensation. Certain benefits that come with membership, such as complimentary admission tickets, may reduce the tax-deductible amount of Membership dues.

A donation to the Preservation Fund supports only the Grant Program and preservation projects. No goods or services are received as part of your gift. Your Preservation Fund gift is 100% tax-deductible.

Is my Preservation Fund gift tax-deductible?

Yes!  Preservation Georgetown is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.  Gifts to the Preservation Fund are 100%  tax-deductible.