Donations will be used to fund yard signs so everyone can demonstrate their support of HARC.

During the August 14, 2018 Georgetown City Council meeting, a proposal was made and approved to make HARC a recommending body only and have City Council be responsible for the final approval/denial of all Certificates of Appropriateness (COAs) for the historic districts.

PG disagrees with this proposal because:

● The historic assets of Georgetown must be protected.

We are what we are and who we are because of our history and the historical structures that represent our community to those who live here, visit here, and do business here.

● HARC isn’t broken, why “fix” it?
● HARC is structured to ensure appropriate knowledge and balanced perspectives to review and approve or deny historic district COA’s
● City Council is not the optimal decision body on historical considerations

Get Involved - Write your Councilperson! Tell them that you support HARC and its mission.

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What are their email addresses

mayor@georgetown.org - Dale Ross - Mayor

district1@georgetown.org - Anna Eby - District 1

district2@georgetown.org - Valerie Nicholson -District 2

district3@georgetown.org - John Hesser - District 3

district4@georgetown.org - Steve Fought - District 4

district5@georgetown.org - Kevin Pitts - District 5

district6@georgetown.org - Rachael Jonrowe - District 6

district7@georgetown.org - Tommy Gonzales - District 7