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About Heritage Home Markers

For years, the citizens of Georgetown have been honoring the heritage of their homes with custom markers from Preservation Georgetown. Markers are available for any structure in Georgetown that is at least 50 years old and each comes with a copy of the research used to determine the historic name and year of the structure.

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Our researchers are standing by, ready to dive in to your historic property's history. Although we do not need any historical information from you, if you have some you wish to share, let your researcher know when he or she contacts you shortly after we receive your paid order.

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Celebrate Georgetown's historic homes and buildings!  Below is our current list of Preservation Georgetown markers in Old Town. 

Out for a walkabout or driveabout? Feel free to do a little “marker spotting”...but be neighborly, please don’t go up onto people’s porches. And keep in mind that our older markers will bear our organization's original name, Georgetown Heritage Society.

Current Markers

Checkout this list of Heritage Home Markers but if we're missing something, please give us a shout at PreservationGeorgetown@gmail.com.

Together, we WILL keep Georgetown historic!

414 W. 10th Street, Sam Strayhorn House, c 1875
502 W 10th Street, Nolen-Buchanan House, c 1923
1202 E 13th Street, The Paul Young House, c 1925
1206 E 13th Street, Ludwig Merzbach House, c 1955
111 E 16th Street, John E Carlson House, c 1924
205 W 17th Street, Doering House, c 1923
904 Ash Street, Carpenter-Hyer House, c 1885
1531 Ash Street, Daniel D. Fowler House, c 1895
1208 S Austin Avenue, Lindell House, c 1906
1220 S Austin Avenue, Dilley-Tinnen House, c 1879
1252 S Austin Avenue, Tisdale House, c 1914
1263 S Austin Avenue, Hugh Baron House, c 1909
1602 S Austin Avenue, S. A. Hodges House, c 1923
1606 S Austin Avenue, Philip Fosberg House, c 1930
1610 S Austin Avenue, Hodges House, c 1892
1711 S Austin Avenue, Purl House, c 1921
209 S Church Street, Gold House, c 1937
601 S Church Street, Mattie Rousser House, c 1880
611 S Church Street, McMurray-Clamp House, c 1867
1607 S Church Street, The Groody House, c 1949
2001 S Church Street, Ray Purl House, c 1927
1264 S College Street, Carlson-Ross House, c 1913
1401 S College Street, Carl Ryden House, c 1924
1414 S College Street, Horger-Ullrich House, c 1894
406 S Elm Street, Brady-McCalla House, c 1916
601 S Elm Street, Glasscock-Beaver House, c 1891
1002 S Elm Street, Box-Chafin House, c 1916
1009 S Elm Street, Peaslee House, c 1916
1304 S Elm Street, William Y. Penn House, c 1895
1312 S Elm Street, The McDougle House, c 1895
1502 S Elm Street, Felix Secrest House, c 1919
1503 S Elm Street, Isaac N. Keller House, c 1916
1702 S Elm Street, R.D. McHenry House, c 1914
1703 S Elm Street, H.T. McCollum House, c 1930
902 Forest Street, Foster House, c 1921
1002 Forest Street, Philip Lind House, c 1909
713 S Main Street, Frank Evans Building, c 1902
810 S Main Street, Mattocks Building, c 1925
817 S Main Street, Grace Church, c 1881
1237 S Main Street, Denver-Neal House, c 1900
1602 S Main Street, S. P. Heard House, c 1912
1603 S Main Street, H.A. Edens House, c 1913
1604 S Main Street, Heard-D.B. Wood House, c 1918
1710 S Main Street, Ottelia Swenson House, c 1925
509 S Myrtle Street, Dr. E.E. Thomas House, c 1916
512 S Myrtle Street, Harty House, c 1916
603 S Myrtle Street, Noble-Robinson House, c 1890
1304 Olive Street, J. G. Mullen House, c 1911
1307 Olive Street, Wilcox-Chapman House, c 1913
1403 Olive Street, Wilcox-Graves House, c 1905
1408 Olive Street, Amos-Godbey House, c 1909
1004 Pine Street, A. J. Engvall House, c 1857
1009 Pine Street, T.B. & Cate Stone House, c 1897
1010 Pine Street, Wales House, c 1929
304 E University Avenue, C.C. Cody House, c 1897
409 E University Avenue, George Irvine House, c 1886
810 E University Avenue, W. M. Davidson House, c 1920
305 Walnut Street, Sluder House, c 1940
911 S Walnut Street, C.B. Atkinson House, c 1915